Connecting the Stars

Author: Deborah Stevenson

Illustrator: Stella Mongodi

Pages: 30  size: 21x21cm
Age: +4 anni

Available for: all languages

This book, written and rhymed in English, and enriched with breathtaking illustrations, shows the wonder, magic and vastness of the universe by teaching children all about names, features, facts and myths. related to the constellations. “Connecting the Stars” explores the parallels we can draw from the constellations: as humans, like the stars, we too are small in an infinite universe, each one different and separate and alone. But, through our hearts, imagination, shared stories and experiences, we are all connected to each other. The different themes and bonds make this book a perfect point of departure, at home and at school, for a conversation about the individual and the community. And the captivating and romantic illustrations will lead the children to take this book off the shelves. And then over and over again…


About the authors

Deborah Stevenson is an award-winning, American children’s author. Her work is eclectic: non-fiction and fiction, prose and verse, from silly to sentimental. Respect for animals and nature, valuing friendship and family, and appreciating diversity and tolerance are common themes. Stevenson strives to empower children…to believe in their abilities, to boldly pursue their dreams, and to be creative, imaginative and kind. Extra points if she can make them laugh.

Stella Mongodi after graduating in Classical Philology at Pavia University, joined an ancient dramaturgy laboratory in 2003. Since 2009 she has been working with the direction of the Olivelli theatre group.During those years she nurtured her love for painting which led, in 2006, to an exhibition-concert entitled La semina delle formiche (The Sowing of Ants), with which she stepped into the illustration scene. In 2019 she published A lezione di qui e ora  (A here and now lecture) for Terre Nuove edizioni.