Hello world!

So here we are! With our cat upside down defying the laws of gravity and slyly looking at us, our “wrong” cat who decides to do the right thing. Today the Wrong Cat Rights Agency was born and is the mature fruit of the combination of different experiences able to offer a real support to artists in the world of picture books, for children and teenagers. Illustrators and writers will find in Wrong Cat passion, competence, dedication, reliability. They will also find the experience of Gilam Agency as a literary agency, of Marcello and Rosa Lavieri who, thanks to their publishing house, have built over time a reference point for the publishing industry, of Erika De Pieri who will provide artists with the expertise that is widely acknowledged by all.
I feel the need to thank them all, Rosa, Erika, Marcello, because with them we have the opportunity to work in full harmony and offer writers and illustrators services and opportunities, be at their side and support them. And I also feel the need to thank the first artists who have chosen to trust us and follow us on this great new adventure.
I’m sure we’ll travel a long way together. Because if the cat is wrong, the agency is right!

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