The Encounter

Author: Francesca Marina Costa

Pages: 24  Size: 29x21cm
Pubblico: +5 years

Available in: all languages

Topics and strengths of the book
  • Poetic
  • Strong aesthetic impact
  • Multiple levels of reading 

A delicate and insightful silent book that – by echoing only visually the story of Little Red Riding Hood – wishes to narrate the encounter of two different entities which, while maintaining their own integrity, manage to live together and, thus, are not in conflict. However, we will not see a little girl who stops being a child to get along with the wolf, nor a wolf who is humanized. To the extent that the last image portrays the wolf looking elsewhere, probably towards its pack, recalled by it. 

One can perceive the story as the relationship between man and nature, but also as the child-adult relationship: different languages, different needs, different habits.


The author

Francesca Marina Costa ha conseguito il diploma presso il Liceo artistico Caravaggio di Milano. Dopo aver ultimato il corso di illustrazione presso la Scuola del Fumetto di Milano e un Corso di Visual Merchandising si lega a una ormai lunga esperienza didattica in corsi privati di disegno e arte. 
Dal 2010 è presidente e art director della Mini G4m3s Studio, società di produzione e casa editrice di giochi di ruolo.