About us

The Wrong Cat Right Agency is a literary agency dedicated to illustrated books for all ages. Wrong Cat supports its artists at every step of the editorial process, optimizing projects, presenting proposals, negotiating contracts and providing directions, services and editorial advice.
Wrong Cat does more than just offer their represented works, but also develop at their best the projects that are still under construction, encouraging collaboration between authors and illustrators, and between the illustrators and the publishers. 
Our crew is made up of editors specialized in children’s and illustrated books, experts in the field of rights negotiation, creatives who are able to make the most of every single project and qualified collaborators for editorial activities, text editing and visual communication.
Wrong Cat Rights Agency is a project of Gilam Agency and Lavieri edizioni.

Giovanni Lamanna
The agent

Giovanni Lamanna is the founder of Gilam Agency, representing about 25 writers and 5 Italian label publishing. He trained as a journalist, and was one of the founders of the Spartaco Edizioni, of which he was editorial director for almost fifteen years. He is a teacher in courses and workshops dedicated to publishing, writing, communication and the work of a literary agent, with particular reference to copyright law.

Erika De Pieri
The creative

Erika De Pieri made her debut in 2005 as a comic book author, earning a mention as best newcomer at the Carlo Boscarato Award in 2006. She pursued then her career as author and illustrator for children and started a long collaboration with the publishing house Lavieri in 2009. In addition to her illustration work for DeAgostini, Paoline, Dami, Nuinui editions, Mondadori, she subsequently added works of Charachter and Ambient design for Atlantyca. Since 2019 she has also taken on the role of editorial director for Lavieri Piccole Pesti.

Rosa Lavieri
The editorial consultant

Rosa Lavieri is co-founder, in 2004, of the Lavieri publishing house, a label specialized in illustrated literature. After graduating in Modern Literature and thesis in Paleography, he entered the publishing world by taking on the role of commercial director of Ipermedium libri, historic publishing house of sociological essays books active from 1996 to 2019.

Marcello Buonomo
The editor

Marcello Buonomo was co-founder of the Lavieri publishing house in 2004. After graduating in Sociology at the “Federico II” University of Naples and a Master in Media and Communication at the “Cesare Alfieri” University of Florence, he entered the publishing world as an editor of Ipermedium libri, a historical publishing house of sociological essays books active from 1996 to 2019. After multiple experiences in the field of course and training, he arrives at the Innform Master in Publishing and Communication.